About Us

At Veritop, we are a team of online gambling and casino experts who have taken it upon themselves to provide users with the most helpful, current and honest information to allow them to make informed decisions on which online casinos to choose.

Our team consists of four experts, some from a casino background, others from professional gambling backgrounds, and many other walks of life. We live by the simple mantra of deciding whether or not we would play there, and if we would, then we recommend it to our users.

Testing Online Casinos

What we try to do is test online casinos in the most rigorous way possible. That means, we explore new casinos, sign up, claim bonuses, play games, contact customer support, and win money. That’s right, we deposit our own real money, play the games, and try to win some real money of our own! We’ve found that this is the best way to test online casinos.

We don’t have any secret formula for winning at real online casinos, we don’t get any special treatment (nor would we want it). We are regular, day to day users just like you, who want to be able to find the best place to start online gambling. It’s as simple as that.

Issues of Trust

One of the most daunting factors with online casinos is a lack of trust. You never really know whether or not an online casino is there to stay, unless it’s a massive brand that dominates the market. The problem with some of those is that you’ll never get the customer support you want, it’ll take ages for any new innovation to come into the established brand, and you may not even be getting the best odds or promotions.

It makes sense to look around at different online casinos to keep all of them on their toes, and to ensure that you, the customer, is always looked after, no matter where you go. We play at these signs and establish the boundaries for our users so that you can spend more time playing and less time worrying about your safety.

Veritop is an experience website with years of online casino industry experience. We’ve covered brands from all over the world in many different languages and our reputation ratings are not for sale! We always stay objective and we’re in the job of informing, rather than promoting.

Our Experience

Our Team


Industry Expert and Statistician

Tim is our resident expert on all things gambling, as well as understanding the numbers. He’ll be able to tell you the outs you need within a number of split seconds, give you the odds of hitting a River and quote winning percentages by slot. A former actuary, Tim discovered that he had a better time crunching the numbers at a casino.


Cybersecurity Officer

Franck was once a young boy who loved to break into sites and looking to circumvent traditional security. Following that, he was once a tech and security expert at an online bank, and then employed by a FTSE 100 company as a “Code Breaker”. Franck understands safety and security and ensures that he evaluates how safe and secure sites actually are.


Games Expert

A former pro poker player and winner of a World Series of Poker bracelet, Karen spends a lot of time playing online and makes a good chunk of spare change as a hobby. Professionally, she is an author and writer and has been writing betting and casino strategy guides for years.


Industry Expert and Legal Guru

Anthony is a former law graduate specializing in the world of industry compliance and regulation. It makes sense then as to why he would go into such a regulated industry. Aside from being a legal guru and understanding everything there is to know about online gambling, Anthony also plays in his spare time when he isn’t walking his dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ℹ️ How do you rank your casinos on the list?

    Each online casino on our list goes through a carefully calculated vetting process that allows us to rank each of them individually from what we see as the best, to the ones that we think are the worst. In short, if we can’t see ourselves playing there, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. It’s as simple as that!

  • ℹ️ How can a casino improve their ranking?

    The only way that an online casino can improve their ranking in our eyes is if they comply with all of our guidelines and improve upon their status. This means, they’ll need to ensure payments are quicker through more standard banking options, games are better and more varied, there’s more compatibility available for different devices, and the reputation has improved from users and reviews across the board.

  • ℹ️ What makes the Veritop ranking meaningful?

    We are casino goers and experts ourselves so we know where people should be playing and what they should look out for. This is why our rankings mean so much. We are players and look out for other players.

  • ℹ️ What about affiliates?

    Every online casino site that makes recommendations will likely use affiliates, as do we. We make a point of ensuring that all of our affiliate partners are ranked in a fair way, so even if a casino is a partner of ours, they’ll still need to abide by our strict guidelines in order to make the list.

  • ℹ️ Can casinos buy their way into top rankings?

    With some sites, they most certainly can. Many of the top online casino comparison sites that you see out there today will often just put their primary partner at the top of their lists, despite what is mentioned. You can often see this where the best casino they list, has a lower ranking than the one below it.